Santa's College Fund

Santa's College Fund

We’re thrilled to focus the charitable efforts of the MN Christmas Markets for the next few years into a fund we’re calling “Santa’s College Fund” in partnership with local non-profit, The Urban Village. All artisans, makers and brands at the MN Christmas Market will donate 7% of sales from the event to the fund.

Santa’s College Fund is a scholarship that exists to remove financial barriers to higher education faced by many of our refugee neighbors living right here in Minnesota, through 4-year scholarships. 

We have been investing in kids charities in Minnesota for years, and this year is extra special for us as our first 5 scholarship recipients through Santa's College Fund are in their freshman year of college! Go, team!

The Goal: To fundraise $420k of scholarships in order to have at least 30 scholarshipped students from refugee populations in Minnesota by 2026.

The Urban Village is a non-profit serving as an incubator for community led projects that are committed to building, supporting and cultivating opportunities for Myanmar diaspora refugees in Minnesota. The Urban Village is the perfect community partner for executing a scholarship such as this due to their continued investment and kinship they’ve developed within refugee communities here in Minnesota. 

The Reason: When our neighbors thrive, we all thrive. And the reality is that the widening gap between socioeconomic classes is an economic barrier to many of our refugee neighbors standing between them and a 4-year degree.


Interested in being a community partner of Fight For Something & the MN Christmas Market and Santa’s College Fund? We’re looking for 88 individuals/organizations who want to help us make a 4-year degree financially accessible to 30 refugees who call Minnesota home.  If interested in joining our team as monthly contributors for a 4-year commitment or making a one-time donation, go ahead and set up your giving HERE! We’ve got the systems in place to remove economic barriers for a generation of our neighbors here in Minnesota… Now we’re just hoping for the right people to come alongside the vision to make it a reality!

All contributions are tax-deductible.



We're so so thankful for everyone who is contributing to make this scholarship possible at every financial level. We'd also be remiss if we didn't acknowledge a group of families and organizations that we refer to as our Scholarship Anchors. These are the folks who have committed enough money to single-handedly cover the scholarship costs necessary for 4 years to put one or more students through school. It is through their larger vision and commitment to this fund that we're able to pursue loftier goals on behalf of more of our neighbors.